After spending another night working on the website I thought it was time to celebrate with a blog post. A small notification on the slight website update, a new team member and an upcoming video!

As you might or might not notice the website has been slightly updated. Here's two images for you to tell the difference more easily.

Previous website design

Current, updated version.
Updated website design

I separated the menu from the content and put it in its own bar together with the new Login/Register box.

Personally I think it looks way less empty and more robust. I'm afraid it might be too much though, with the two dark separator-bars surrounding the menu.

I'd be happy to hear what you guys think!

Registration open!

Oh and now that the registration page is openly visible to all, feel free to register. Beware though that the confirmation email you will need to finish registration will take up to 30 minutes to arrive though, this is temporary.

In the future you'll need an account for participating in any tests of the game, so if you're in for that you might as well register now!

What's next

Other than this I'm also working on getting the forums up, although that isn't my greatest priority yet. Another thing I'm adding to the site is a public To Do list where you will be able to follow the development process of the game in real-time. It's practically finished, just some design over-thinking left on my end.

What I really would like to do is to get an video of the game out, but there's still plenty of work to do before that is going to happen. Mainly in the department of graphics. Speaking of graphics, I should mention that the team has expanded to two!

We've got an artist!

Ddemi is a nice fella from New York who contacted me thanks to a post I put up on the interwebs searching for a dedicated artist to join me.

We've been working together for about a month now and he is steadily making progress in creating awesome units for the game. It's been great working with someone who can spend their time solely on the graphics for the game and has brought some new challenges and required updates on the code side of things.

Everything is looking great so far and you'll most likely hear more about him in the future, and you will definitely see the work he has done!

If all goes well we should have an video to show you this month or the next!
Until next time.