Doesn't Starcraft suit your strategic needs, do you perhaps miss the classic real-time strategy games such as Age of Empires, Empire Earth and Empires: Dawn of The Modern World? Well, you've come to the right place!

I often hear people questioning the disappearance of these golden classics and the genre that disappeared with them. It's evident that many miss these kinds of games. The real-time strategy games that were nothing like Starcraft or Warcraft, as many people may refer to nowadays when talking about the genre.

Starcraft 2, modern king of the genre

Starcraft is an excellent game, but entirely designed around esports and micro-management rather than epic scale and longer strategical matches with conquest, economic progress and in cases diplomacy between players. Due to Starcraft being the only big and well known modern game of the genre, and in fact actually one of very few recent attempts at the genre - many people tend to believe that the game defines the entire genre. They might thus be put off from playing other titles in the genre if they did not enjoy Starcraft 2 already. It's important to note that Starcraft 2 is an absolutely different kind of real-time strategy game compared to the other examples that I mentioned.

It's my understanding that many are put off by Starcraft due to its constant competitive nature, often described as a stressful "clickfest" by those who despise it and being very hard to get into as a newcomer. Personally, I like to praise it for its amazing modding support and the community built around it.

A spiritual ancestor

Empire Earth on the other hand is a game that is nothing like Starcraft and has been a huge source of inspiration for me. In gameplay it's similar to Age of Empires but it is massive in scale. The player is given the capability to control thousands of units and play on gigantic maps which take units minutes to cross. You can play in fourteen different historical epochs, or eras if you will. Everything from prehistoric to a futuristic nano age. It also features an amazing array of historical singleplayer campaigns. I hope to introduce many of these elements to Terra Militia. One should however not forgot that Empire Earth also had its flaws and it will be important to combine different aspects from these games without breaking gameplay, more on this in a blog post later.

Many kinds of real-time strategy games

It's hard to bash such a popular game as Starcraft and that's definitely not what I'm trying to do. In the end it all comes down to each and ones opinion, and mine is just one of many. As I mentioned earlier, Starcraft is an excellent game and a professional product that certainly took much of its developers passion and work to get right. But it's not the game for everyone, and it certainly doesn't need to define the entire genre of real-time strategy games!