Recent Alpha Progress

A lot a work is being done behind the scenes, and here are some of the details.

Posted by Trigger01 on October 23rd, 2014
The game and launcher have received some big and important changes the past month, these are some of the crucial ones.

With the added ingame menu, users will no longer have to Alt+F4 to return to the main menu.

Launcher Update

Improved file acquisition, launcher will now notice updated files much sooner (no delay).
XNA Framework installation is now automated.
Minor visual changes.
You can now choose to store your username by checking the checkbox "Remember" next to your username.
Fixed that some versions of Windows would not detect wether XNA was installed or not correctly.
As of these changes, along with back-end improvements, updates are rolling out much more regularly.

Game Updates

Team colors for units has been re-implemented.
Added Handicap feature. Bot Handicap is currently hardset to 200%.
Fixed crash that sometimes would occur when repeatedly ordering units to gather to inaccessible resources.
Fixed crash that would occur if the bot accidentally issued an order outside the map boundaries.
Minor interface changes.
Fixed issue with bot logic sometimes freezing the game.
Optimization and bug fixes related to pathfinding.
Adjusted default volume options.
In-game menu added, activated by pressing Escape.
New health-bars.
New movement-order system.
Maps remade.
All icons remade.
Combat improvements and bug fixes.
Data storing revamped.
Map Editor improvements and stability.
Unit Transporting implemented.
First Harbor and Ship added, using the new transport system.
Added visual effect to units when they receive damage.
Various world props added.
Various back-end and development-process improvements.
Various input patterns that would result in crashes or freezes resolved.
Team colors are in and distinguishing friend from foe is now a lot easier as you will no longer need to check the color of healthbars (by holding ALT).

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ThisIsDemo January 19th, 2038

Everything looks so inviting, but I insist you work on the killing. I mean the movement looks great, the icons(health bar etc) and animations look great. But when a unit dies. It doesn't look satisfying yet. Although I do like the death blue animation thing. Keep that


Trigger01 January 19th, 2038

[#143] Thanks for the feedback, I agree with you and will see what I can come up with.