A comparison and reflection on how Terra Militia has changed and progressed since last year.

Seven months ago it felt as if the game had came far, and if truth be told it had. But I could not personally have imagined where it'd be half a year later. As complex coding puzzles have been solved and perfected, the visual parts of the game have been given some much needed attention.

This water tastes far better

The water was finally given a touch up this week, which proved to be way easier than expected, as things often are. Making the water slightly transparent and adding a seafloor makes wonders. The image below displays the new and old water.
Comparison on new and old water

In the sky, there be clouds

Since I've also received much critique on the new addition of clouds, they in turn have been redone from scratch with the goal to make them less distracting and more natural. *cough* natural equals random *cough*. They are now much more subtle, but still give a nice ambient effect which is not present should there be no clouds at all. See the progression below. However, they are still better viewed in motion.
Clouds comparison


As with these two recent changes, minor in undertaking yet major in effect, I thought it was time to look back on a larger scale. Below is a comparison of the game seven months ago and today.
Terra Militia now
Apart from visual changes the game has also seen major improvements and implementations such as custom scripts, airplanes, the launcher, changes in how data is saved and retrieved, among others.

What remains?

Even though much progress has been made, there are still a few major technical milestones left to complete. Most importantly, multiplayer.

To be added next in the department of graphics are water waves for shores and particles for missiles and destruction to further improve motion and liveliness of the game.

Thanks for reading!