Terra Militia is a real-time strategy game that has been in the making silently for the past two years. It started off like a small try at the real-time strategy genre, but has more or less grown to become my full time project.

So, you're probably wondering what this is to begin with, so let's get straight to it and start off with an introduction and everything that you'd possibly want to know, Terra Militia is a 2D real-time strategy game that I've been working on for the past two years, starting late 2011. Like many developers, I have always been dedicated to creation and design with a great interest in how things work. I got my first glimpse of programming around the age of ten, exploring the Warcraft 3 Map Editor and its Trigger functionality. Thanks to Blizzard I have continued programming ever since and thus I spend much time adding modding capabilities to Terra Militia, to continue this cycle of creativity.

Recent picture of the game
Here's the latest public picture of the game.

The story so far

I studied Game Programming in High School and it was during the second year that I decided to challenge my skills and make a real-time strategy game, a game based on my favorite game genre. It's been hard and time consuming, but even more fun and teaching. Time passed and I was occasionally making a lot of progress. However, there were many times when I realized there was a tremendous amount of work left before reaching anything like a full playable version that I dropped the project and let it dust.

It was first during 2013 that I finally had made so much progress, learned even more and reached the full motivation to decide upon finishing it. Three months ago I posted a public screenshot of the game for the very first time asking for feedback on /r/IndieGaming and the response was pleasantly surprising compared to the two lonely comments that I had expected. There showed to be many people positive to the looks of it and I got questions asking where they could find out more about the game.

But perhaps more importantly, I got an enormous amount of feedback, feedback that the game had never received before.

I was surprised yet again when I one month later posted an updated screenshot with much of the feedback I had gotten taken into consideration. I believe this was the last motivational push the project needed before I would make it truly public and decide on continuing. I intend to run a very open development on this website and publish posts alongside the work I do on the game, hopefully providing insightful content and ideas to others.

More importantly, I am asking for your feedback, and this is mainly why the site gives you the ability to comment on these posts. Therefore feel free to share your feedback on the website, this very first post or anything else, although I know there isn't much else yet!

Until next time, when I probably will have something more concrete and interesting to write about!